Friday, January 30, 2015

Is it the end for dreamcast’s and character Bio’s? No its not!

Hi everyone,

During last weekend another copyright violation dilemma erupted regarding the use of pictures for dreamcast and character bio’s. A blogger have hosted an author’s stop which included pictures that was under copyright, and in return the blogger have been held accountable for it and being sued for using these pictures on their blog.

But dreamcast and character bio previews are a great way to introduce characters to readers old and new, simply ceasing such stops would just be insane. But how do you protect the author, the blogger and any other party with these type of stops? There is just one way around it. You need to purchase stock photos with licenses that includes the use of the picture in cases like these. Will an author be spending $50 and maybe even more to present his/her characters to their readers? No way, budgets are already tight and it would just be insane!

So we needed to find a way around it and contacted our stock provider. We explained and provided samples of dreamcast and character bios and have asked them if their $1 license would include such use.

Their reply:

Hi Karen,

Absolutely. As long as the content associated with the images is not under the prohibited categories (Political/religious endorsements, adult services, pornography, tobacco, defamatory content, etc). You can read all the details about the license here:



So if authors are in need of character pictures they can purchase it on at $1 per picture and will be able to use them for their dreamcast and character bio’s. For any tour Sparkle arranges with the dreamcast and character bio feature, Sparkle will be using our account to purchase the pictures and the author will be invoiced extra for the purchase. Sparkle will then send the author and bloggers the valid purchase receipt and license to ensure that should anyone have a query, the proof can be provided and everyone involve will be protected.

We hope that this will help any author out there that doesn’t want to part with their dreamcast or character bio’s, and in return help our fellow bloggers provide legal stops when promoting all the great characters out there.


Sparkle Book Tours.

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