Saturday, January 4, 2014

Call for Hosts - Now scheduling for Regency Romance Valentine Blog Tour by author Arabella Sheraton from Feb 1 to Feb 15.

We are now scheduling for Regency Romance Valentine Blog Tour by author Arabella Sheraton from Feb 1 to Feb 15. These are Historical Romance novels. Post does not have to be top spot and an easy html will be available for spotlight stops. We would like to thank those in advance for signing up, as always you guys are amazing.

Posts for sign up is:



Guest Post

Character Interview

Character Bio’s

Dream Cast

Author Interview

Top Ten

There will be a rafflecopter giveaway that will increase our host's facebook page fans. We would like to thank all in advance for signing up. Author Pages are welcome to sign up as well.


Patience Cherwell is resigned to a life of spinsterhood. When her young friend comes to stay for a London season, Patience decides the eligible Lord Blackwood is the perfect match for her guest and determines to see the pair united. So why is Patience anything but happy when the pair seems to actually like each other? And, when a mysterious Valentine corsage arrives, who will Patience discover is the anonymous admirer?


Blurb -
Lord Charles Blackwood and Miss Patience Cherwell have continued on their path of newfound romance, following Charles’ disclosure of his love for Patience at the Valentine Ball. Indeed, all indications point to their inevitable engagement and marriage. Until Miss Letitia DeVere returns to London after a mysterious two-year absence, shocked to find her former admirer and almost fiancĂ©, Charles, near proposing to another woman. Letitia is not a woman to give up what she wants easily, and she wants Charles back. Letitia has a dark past, full of secrets that could ruin her newfound social success. When Charles proves to be less malleable to her seduction and wiles to lure him back than she had expected, Letitia realizes she has real competition. Patience is not one to sit back and let Letitia take the man of her dreams away without a fight. Patience sees through the lies and tricks Letitia spins, but refuses to play her rival’s games, hoping her own forthrightness will not only win the day, but the hand and heart of the man she loves. But who will Charles choose?

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