Monday, February 17, 2014

Call for Hosts - We are now scheduling a Two Week blog tour for Unspoken by Amy Richie from March 3 to 16, 2014. (YA or NA PNR)

We are now scheduling a Two Week blog tour for Unspoken by Amy Richie from March 3 to 16, 2014. This is a Paranormal Fantasy novel suitable for YA or NA. Post does not have to be top spot and an easy html will be available for spotlight stops/book blitz stops. There will be a $10 Amazon GC up for grabs for the hosts that sign up for the tour. Author Pages are welcome to sign up as well.

There will be a rafflecopter giveaway that will increase the growth our host's chosen page. For more clarity, the host will choose which page they would like to add for example follow me on twitter, or like my facebook page.  This link will only be included into the raffelcopter after we have received either a post link or the post is live on the web. Due to blogs included in the raffelcopter’s but not posting on their dates, we have changed this policy to ensure that complying hosts receives the benefit of growth on their pages and not non-complying hosts.

*Please ensure that you read our terms and conditions before you sign up.

We would like to thank those in advance for signing up, as always you guys are amazing.

Posts for sign up is:
·         Review
·         Spotlight
·         Author Interview
·         Character Interview
·         Guest Post
·         Top Tens

Terms and Conditions-
*By signing up you agree to post on confirmed date.
*By signing up you agree not to distribute any review copies, as these are solely for the bloggers use and for no others.
*All interviews must be submitted to Sparkle via email before Feb 25th 20, 2014 if we do not have a template on file.

*Winners will be displayed on the rafflecopter on March 17th, 2014.


Bed B; Room 36; Nine Crosses
Ren Collins knows better than most where being different will land a person. A bed in a crazy hospital with only an angry ghost for company. But there are things about Toby that Ren doesn’t know, old secrets that are brought into the light only with the appearance of Tristan.
Tristan is different than Toby. Sure, they’re both only real to Ren, but Tristan does something Toby never does. He smiles. Ren soon finds herself trusting this new curly haired ghost-person more than she should.
At least, that’s what Toby says. But maybe Toby is the one who can’t be trusted. Where the ghost people are concerned, can any of them be trusted?

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